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Engaging Singapore!

What burdens the hearts of James and Agape Bermejo?  The 157,000 people dying every day in Southeast Asia who have not heard the gospel or do not even know who Jesus is!  Some of them live in Singapore.  The name of Jesus is indeed powerful as emphasized by the Apostle Paul in Romans 10:13-15, but someone must be sent to proclaim the message so hearers can have the opportunity to call on and believe in the name of Jesus!

James and Agape Bermejo believe the Lord prepared and called them to proclaim the message of God’s love and grace in Singapore. They grew up knowing the teachings of TCM Philippines. “We are dispensationalist!” was the statement James and Agape always heard from parents and pastors; however, through studying dispensational theology at International Grace Bible School in Ozamis City, they truly began to appreciate this distinctive teaching.

“If we mix the teachings of the Bible our understanding will be chaotic,” the Bermejos assert. “We must teach the Word of God rightly divided so believers can understand the times and apply the Scriptures in a correct manner.  Through understanding dispensations we can answer anyone in the light of the Scriptures.” With this foundation James has planted and nurtured two urban churches in Luzon, Philippines. Since their marriage in 2012, Agape has served alongside him as the Bible woman at Valenzuela City Grace Gospel Church.

James responded to God’s call to mission work through a challenge by missionary Genesis Maraat at a TCM conference in 2009; Agape responded a year later.  They decided as a couple to become missionaries while attending the 2014 Southeast Asia Grace Conference in Malaysia.  They started to pray passionately about serving the Lord and graduated from Grace Theological Center for Mission with the intention to establish a Grace church in Singapore.

Though the city-state of Singapore is one of the most modern countries in the world, its people are spiritually bankrupt. Of its 5.5 million population, only 7% are Evangelical Christians. The rest are 33% Buddhists, 17% have no religion, 15% Muslims, 11% Taoists, 7% Catholics, 5% Hindus, 4% Protestant Christians and 1% other religions. Singapore is definitely a mission field!

The Bermejos view Singapore not just as a Mission Field but also a Training Field.  There are direct flights from Singapore to 12 southeast Asian countries where no Grace church is yet established.  Three billion people live just a few flight hours away! James and Agape envision meeting potential contacts from these 12 countries, sharing the gospel with them and training new believers to reach out to those 3 billion people (2 Timothy 2:2). They share the Apostle Paul’s desire to preach the gospel to the regions beyond. 

Agape writes, “There is no other place I would rather be than in the service of my God in the regions beyond. By God's grace I would like spend the rest of my life sharing His wonderful, powerful and transforming message. Doing the will of God is my heart’s desire, and I want to fulfil this desire through TCM as a missionary.” Uphold James and Agape through your prayers and support as they set out to reach Singapore for Christ!