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(317) 783-0300


Postal Address

Things to Come Mission

PO Box 127

Beech Grove, IN 46107

Office Location

Things to Come Mission

6202 E. Thompson Rd.

Indianapolis, IN 46237 map



Did you know that 100% of donations to TCM are used for the designated project or missionary? TCM has stood by this policy for over 50 years as part of our commitment to being a faith mission.

Make checks payable to 'Things to Come Mission' or simply 'TCM', include a short note explaining the designation of the donation and post to TCM. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt. See the postal address above.

Bill Pay

Many banks offer free bill paying services for their customers. TCM regularly receives donations using this method. Please include an online memo or send a note to TCM explaining how the monthly amount should be designated.

Electronic Funds Transfer

TCM can automatically withdraw a fixed amount from your checking or savings account each month. Download the form here, complete and return to TCM at the postal address above.

Credit Cards

Things to Come Mission accepts donations charged to a credit card. Your information is verified and secured by PayPal. You will have a chance to designate your gift if desired. A PayPal account is not required.


Please call the TCM Director to discuss the donation of a car, boat or airplane.